• Rent appliances cheaper only for the days you need them

Awesome Features

Check out our features for tenants and rentors

  • Pay Per Day

    Rent out appliances only for the days you need them! Save money and waste less.

  • Pay Securely

    Pay securely either by credit/debit card, either with Apple Pay.

  • Order Notifications

    You will receive emails regarding order status. We promise we wont spam :)

  • History

    You can view your history of orders placed.

  • Rent out unused appliances with just a click!

    Do you have stuff that you dont use, such as projectors, speakers...? Why not take advantage of them, make some profit off them?

  • Receive money securely

    When you complete an order after you rent an appliance, you can collect your money onsite! We use Transferwise to transfer the payment to your account. All we need is a european IBAN, and your money will be on their way! This process may take up to a day or two. If you worry about your data, please visit our terms and conditions.

  • Order Notifications

    You receive notifications upon new orders.

  • Ratings

    You can also anonymously rate customers.

How it Works