• Rent appliances cheaper only for the days you need them

About Us

We are Ciclo

Irresponsible waste disposal is a huge problem that Cyprus is facing. Our website aims to reduce this waste by helping people finding different ways in which they can dispose responsibly. Using Ciclo you can:
- Rent unwanted items and make profit out of them.
- Check out different charities and municipalities that you can DONATE your unwanted items to help people in need.
- Find the location of recycling bins and other organizations and companies that manage waste to RECYCLE items you do not want anymore.

Ciclo Renting allows users to rent electronic and house appliances for the number of days you need them. Such as chairs for a party, or an HD projector to see the match with the boys to enhance the experience of the night, by only paying per days of use. In this way you dont have to spend money in buying one use items, and you save up. Users can also rent out different appliances very easy. You can pay online securely with Apple Pay or with credit card using Stripe Payments.

Please note that we do not get or save your credit card details, your card details pass through Stripe Payments only. Rentors can collect the money through our system with Transferwise Payments, just enter your IBAN and your money will be on their way. Your IBAN details are not shared with us, only with Transferwise Payments so no need to be afraid. You can contact us any time of the day for any questions you may have.

We offer details for different organisations for Donations and Recycling centers, so if you don't think that you wanna rent out something, donate or recycle it.


Renting out different appliances you have sitting at the house can be very profittable. Plus you'll receive the money right in your bank account. Check out our Renting Page


Do you have a bunch of old stuff or feel generous? Check out our Donations Tab


Do you need information as to where to recycle? Check out our Recycling Tab .

Meet Our Team

Odysseas Herodotou

Web Developer - CTO

I am the developer of Ciclo and I take the security of the platform and each user seriously, I came up with the idea about renting and im looking forward to this business becoming a success

Feidias Psaras


My job is to put ideas into action, by coordinating members of the team, making sure that we are always moving forward and keeping our and the consumers’ best interests at hand.

Christodoulos Evgeniou

CDO (Chief Design Officer)

My job is to design our logo, t-shirts, booth and various digital graphics to attract possible target market and make our brand image stronger. Good communication with the marketeers of the team is essential. My creativity and the fact that I am currently taking the Design and Technology and Art IGCSEs are some qualities that help me for my job.

Yiannis Athindorou

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

I am responsible in designing and implementing business operations, establishing policies that promote company culture and vision as well as overseeing operations of the company and the work of the team members. My organization and leadership skills make me applicable for this position in the team.

Demis Georgiades

CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer)

I am responsible for overseeing all aspects of human resource management, as well as the public relations of our company with fellow partners. I make sure that every meeting runs smoothly and assign goals to be achieved by each member individually and collectively. My organisational skills and patience are essential for carrying out my role in the team.

Elina Socratous

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

I am the one responsible for managing the company’s finances, including financial reporting and planning. I assess financial risks and opportunities and set and track financial goals, objectives, and budgets. My proactivity, confidence and honesty make me applicable for my role in the team.

Eleni Pieri

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

I am one of the marketing officers of the team. My job is to contact possible investors, advertise our company through social media, set up campaigns and organize events. My experience with JA last year has helped me to enhance my communication and teamwork skills needed for my job.

Markella Christodoulou

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

I am responsible for overseeing the planning, developing and implementing the overall business marketing strategy. My role is to build marketing communications, advertising and public relations. My analytical ability, written communication and imagination make me suitable for this position in the team.