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Terms And Conditions

Terms for all

1. This platform, Ciclo, will not sell your data to any third parties.
2. We will not give out personal data such as passwords. Ciclo is not responsible for any damages on goods a tenant might cause.
3.Ciclo is not responsible for delivering goods. Transactions of the goods happen only between the tenants and the owners of the goods. Ciclo does not participate in the transaction of the goods.

Terms for tenants

1. When you are renting a product you are considered as a tenant of that product. If your order is accepted, your email, phone number and city of residence will be shared with the owner to contact you about picking up or delivering your order.

2. The billing address you add to your order will only be shared with the owner of the product if the shipping method is delivery and if the owner accepts. In this way, your data remains sandboxed and used only where necessary.

3. For your order to be processed, you need to pay online. We use Stripe Payment Processing as our main payments processing, where your credit card details are not shared with us in any way. Meaning that only Stripe can have your credit card and charge you once off with the total of your order, that includes Apple Pay

4. You (tenant) can cancel your order if it's still pending and not accepted by the owner. You will receive full refund

5. If your order is declined, cancelled or not accepted within 24 hours of your transaction, your payment will be fully refunded. Note that it may take up to 48 hours for your money to be refunded.

6. If there are any disputes with the owner of the product please contact us.

Terms for owners (rentors listing goods)

1. You can cancel an order at any time

2. If you wish to delete a listed item you need to settle any orders that include it.

3. When an order is completed, you can then collect the payment from the Received Orders page.

4. A european IBAN is required to transfer your payment to your bank account. Your IBAN details are not saved and are only shared with TransferWise Ltd which transfers your payment to your bank account.

5. The total of the order you expect may be different than the amount you receive. Due to fees (see 6,7).

6. Ciclo gets 5% of the total transaction and reserves the right to change that percentage.

7. Ciclo fee, TransferWise fee and Stripe fee are deduced from the total amount you will receive, the amounts are specified on site .